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With a hands-on approach to employee engagement, competitive pay and benefits, and a culture focused on empowering our people, 񱦵 is the ideal place to grow in your career.


At 񱦵 we are committed to our employees and their families. We have established four pillars that guide our employee engagement and policy-making strategy:

We value our employees

We strive to keep an open line of communication between our staff and leadership. Whether it’s a novel approach to client delivery, or a strategy to improve engagement, we always value input from our team. We reward employees with performance bonuses, and hold quarterly happy hours and team outings to show our appreciation.

We are creative

񱦵 values creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. We strive to be agile, innovative, and technology-driven. We provide our team with the latest technology and solutions to set them up for success, and promote creative, solutions-oriented thinking.

We are pragmatic

As a results-driven organization we believe in “doing what makes sense.” This also applies to our expectations for employees. We have a flexible PTO policy to accommodate life’s unexpected events and aim to ensure clear, fair, and achievable goals for our teams.

We are professional

We want our team members to achieve their goals. Whether it’s obtaining a new certification, investing in your education, or moving toward a management role, we can help define your career goals and support you along the way to achieving them.

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񱦵 is proud to offer a competitive compensation package. We provide excellent benefits, flexible PTO, performance bonuses, and a supportive leadership team to help you achieve your career goals.


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